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Matthew Stafford Week 12 Fantasy Projections

With six teams playing on Thursday some owners may have a difficult choice to make on who to start at quarterback, however if you own Matthew Stafford you should be good to start him against the Green Bay Packers today. Stafford is considered a medium risk play according to numberFire they projected Stafford to score 15.93 points this game, but they could see a swing of 8.22 - 23.64 points for Stafford.

SB Nation's fantasy sports blog, Fake Teams feel Stafford will have a big game since the one weakness of the Packers is their pass defense:

Stafford got off to a bumpy start last week with a couple early picks and a few poor decisions against the Panthers. In case you were under a rock, Stafford busted loose in the second half to finish with five scores and the Lions put up 49 points. The former top pick in the draft has really hit his stride this year and has already hit season highs in all the positive passing stats (yards, touchdowns, yards per attempt, completion percentage and passer rating). The Packers have been beatable in the passing game and are ranked 31st in passing yards allowed.They play a lot of soft coverages and it should allow him to get his big targets, Johnson and Pettigrew, going throughout the game. Dom Capers is going to be coming up with ways to put pressure on Stafford, but if he can get some time back there, expect him to have another big game.

Prediction: 30-of-45 for 412 yards, three scores and a pick.

A reason that the Green Bay defense is ranked 31st in yards allowed is likely due to that teams are playing catchup and need to pass to try to get back into the game. 

With that information, numberFire projects Stafford to be the fifth best quarterback play this week:

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