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Lions Vs. Packers Score Update: Detroit Penalties Keep It 0-0 In Second Quarter

There's no score through one quarter of play in the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. The Lions, to their credit, have looked better on both sides of the ball, but still weren't able to get things done when they got into Green Bay territory. Penalties have been hurting them as well, but they might be the least of their worries, as running back Kevin Smith was carted off the field to start the second quarter. Smith had 56 all-purpose yards at that point and there's no update about his status going forward.

The Lions received the opening kickoff and showed signs of life early on. Running back Kevin Smith gained yardage totals of six yards, 14 yards and 16 yards - though the latter was negated by a penalty and that caused the drive to stall out around mid-field.  After one play and a first down, the Packers would go on to stall out after three more plays, being forced to punt, giving the early leg-up to the Lions. When Detroit got the ball back, it was all Kevin Smith once again, getting good yardage and generally looking like he wasn't just signed off of the street, but after getting into field goal range on fourth down, the Lions were called for a hold on Clay Matthews and were forced to punt.

Following that, the Packers went three and out, and after a Smith run for no gain and a second down, the quarter came to an end with no score. Matthew Stafford scampered for 20+ yards on the next play when he had nothing open. An end around to Nate Burelson on the next play got a first down and took the ball into Packers territory. The Lions then got called for their fourth penalty of the game, on Maurice Morris for a low block, and a 2nd and long came up. After a ten-yard completion to Brandon Pettigrew, the Lions faced a 3rd and 10. A throwback screen fell incomplete after Matthews got his hands on it, and the Lions were forced to punt.