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VIDEO: Ndamukong Suh Ejected After Stomping Packers Player

It was third and goal, with the Detroit Lions having given up several big plays on the opening drive of the second half, but Aaron Rodgers overthrew Donald Driver in the endzone, bringing up a fourth down and a probable field goal try for the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for Detroit, they handed over another set of downs when Ndamukong Suh got penalized for a little extracurricular activity.

Suh, who was flagged earlier in the game, went down on top of a Packers offensive lineman, and though he knew the play was over, stayed on top and repeatedly pressed the Packers lineman's helmet into the ground. He did this three or four times before standing up, celebrating, stomping at the Packers player, and drew the flag. On top of that, Suh was ejected from the game and will not be returning. Fullback John Kuhn made the Lions pay further when he scored a touchdown on the new set of downs, putting Green Bay up 14-0 in the third.

Here's a video of the penalty/ejection: