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Ndamukong Suh Discusses Stomp, Ejection

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been labeled a dirty player by many in the past because of some of his hits and actions on the field. Before Thanksgiving, most Lions fans defended his play and thought the notion of Suh being dirty was overblown. After what happened on Thanksgiving, however, the tone is drastically different.

In the third quarter of Thursday's Lions-Packers game, Suh was ejected after he stomped on a Green Bay player. In case you missed it, here's another look at the incident (via @jose3030):


After the game, Suh talked about what happened and apologized not necessarily for the stomp, but rather for putting himself in a position where the referees could eject him.

I'm first and foremost only going to apologize to my teammates, my coaches and my true fans for allowing the refs to have an opportunity to take me out of this game. What I did was remove myself from the situation in the best way I felt, me being held down in the situation I was in. And further, my intentions were not to kick anybody, as I did not, removing myself as you see, I'm walking away from the situation and with that I apologize to my teammates and my fans and my coaches for putting myself in the position to be misinterpreted and taken out of the game.

Suh's others comments were along the same lines, and they are not going over well with fans. Chances are they will not go over well with the NFL, either. In the mind of former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira, Suh's comments actually increase the chances of him receiving a suspension, meaning this incident could hurt the Lions not only this week, but in future games as well.