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Jahvid Best Injury Update: Lions RB Placed On IR

Bad news gets worse for the Detroit Lions, who have been without their feature running back Jahvid Best for weeks, since being injured in the second half of a week six loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The Lions announced on Friday that Best is going to be placed on season-ending injured reserve. When best initially suffered the concussion, he was reportedly advised by friends and others to end his season then and there. But he spent a lot of time rehabbing and seeing various experts in head injuries around the country.

Apparently, those experts have advised Best to be cautious with the injury, which is generally the right thing to do when faced with the second concussion in a single season. Best suffered his first concussion of the year in training camp, and had a history of concussion-related issues at Cal.

For Detroit, they're once again sitting with Maurice Morris as the starter, with replacement Kevin Smith being injured in Thursday's game against the Green Bay Packers with a high ankle sprain. Keiland Williams is the immediate backup. The move may not be official until after the weekend, due to the holidays.