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Kevin Smith Injury Update: Lions RB Has Mild Ankle Sprain, According To Report

The Detroit Lions were doing well against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, but when running back Kevin Smith went down with an injury, the offense stalled out and stopped gaining big yardage. Reports were that Smith had a high ankle sprain, and now we have a bit more information on it.

Per ProFootballTalk:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Smith has a mild sprain.  He could be back next week, when the Lions face the Saints onSunday Night Football.    

That's much better news than the potential high ankle sprain. The latter would have likely kept Smith out for several weeks, with no chance of returning in nine days on Sunday. If the report is true, and Smith can return, it should be a very good thing for the Lions. Maurice Morris would be filling in as the starting back, with Keiland Williams being his immediate backup if Smith is unable to go. Jahvid Best has been placed on injured reserve, as of Friday.