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Ndamukong Suh Called Roger Goodell To Apologize For Behavior In Packers Game

Ndamukong Suh could be suspended for his actions during the Detroit Lions game against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day, despite the NFL electing not to comment regarding the incident involving him and Evan Dietrich-Smith. The defensive tackle was proactive in trying to thwart any sort of suspension on Sunday night.

Suh called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Sunday night to apologize for his behavior during Detroit's loss to Green Bay, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Pro Football Talk's Josh Alper opined on what the telephone call might mean for the future of Suh and the Lions.

One of the many factors believed to be weighing on the league as they decide Suh's fate was his lack of remorse in the hours after the game, which makes reaching out to Goodell a pretty good move on the public relations front.

It probably won't be enough for him to avoid a suspension, but it does raise the chances that he'll only be suspended one game for the kick that led to his ejection. There's not much history of multiple game suspensions in the Goodell era as only Albert Haynesworth has gotten such treatment from the league office.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Suh regarding any sort of suspension, but it's likely the NFL will hand down its ruling sooner rather than later.