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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Drops Lions One Spot

The Detroit Lions are coming off a loss, but that loss is to the first-place Green Bay Packers, and though it hurts because they're NFC North rivals, it can't discourage fans too much given the circumstances. Effectively, the Lions just lost a playoff game, and while that hurts, they now have the opportunity to evaluate what happened and take another shot, without having to wait for a long offseason and things of that nature. They're not battling for the NFC North division, they're just looking for the wildcard right now. The weekly power rankings are mostly reflecting that, yes, it was against the Packers, and that the team shouldn't drop too much.

ESPN drops them just one point in their Week 13 NFL power rankings:

11. Thanksgiving turned out to be a disaster for the Lions, and playing the Saints next won't make life easier. (Clayton)

It's just one spot, but it's significant since it drops them out of the top ten. Still, the team has to focus with a matchup against the New Orleans Saints coming this week.