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Matthew Stafford Injury: Finger Healed Enough To Remove The Gloves

Matthew Stafford has recently been wearing gloves while playing quarterback for the Detroit Lions, a piece of equipment that isn't common for most signal-callers around the NFL. Stafford was wearing the gloves so he could grip the ball better with his fractured index finger, but he's apparently healed to the point that the gloves are no longer necessary.

Stafford completed 32 of his 45 passing attempts for a touchdown and 276 total yards last week against the Green Bay Packers, but his three interceptions counteracted some of that passing prowess in the Lions loss. Pride of Detroit is hoping that since the gloves are gone, hopefully Stafford's inconsistent play as of late will disappear as well.

For what it's worth, however, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman was actually a fan of the gloves.

"I struggled with a wet ball when I was playing," Aikman said. "I couldn't throw the football when it rained. I'd put a glove on my hand at practice to see if I could throw with a glove on my hand when it rained. I never could.

"But gloves have changed so much over the last 10 years. The glove I tried today was the glove Matt's throwing with, I just wanted to see how it felt, and it felt good. Shoot, I'd probably wear one every game if I was playing now."

Lions fans will have a chance to see the gloveless Stafford play on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.