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Petition Time: Stopping Nickelback And Their Tyranny During Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Halftime Show

Yesterday, I was handed the assignment to be the bearer of bad news for Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers fans. No - not just them - I was the bearer of bad news for every hard-working soul who wanted nothing more than to watch some NFL football on Thanksgiving Day. I delivered the news that Nickelback was brought on to perform the halftime show during the Lions-Packers game on Thanksgiving Day.


That being said, there may be some hope yet. Some good, kind folks have created a petition to get Nickelback removed from the performance. Now, petitions generally don't work and mostly serve as a means of false hope and a false sense of accomplishment and purpose ... but perhaps if there's enough signatures, it will, at the very least, caution other teams from ever making this mistake. It's unlikely the Lions can suddenly rip up Nickelback's contract (though I imagine "being Nickelback" voids most legal conduct policies) but this is a matter of future prevention. The link can be found here.