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Madden NFL 12 Roster Update: Lions See Nine Players Increase In Rating

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The Week 9 Madden NFL 12 roster and ratings update is set to go live on Friday for Xbox 360 and PS3 users. For the Detroit Lions, the update is a good one - with nine players getting overall changes. Why is that good? Because the Lions see all nine players increase in rating following the win over the Denver Broncos, and no players going down at all.

Titus Young is starting to climb up again as he gets more targets, he's already great to use on Madden even with the low rating. Maurice Morris, in getting significant playing time while Jahvid Best is out, is also getting an increase. Hell, Tulloch might be going up just because he Tebowed Tim Tebow. Awesome, right? Make the jump for a full list of Lions changes.


WR Titus Young 70 to 71
HB Maurice Morris 77 to 78
OL Stephen Peterman 77 to 80
OL Gosder Cherilus 79 to 81
OL Rob Sims 86 to 88
DL Lawrence Jackson 77 to 79
DL Cliff Avril 85 to 87
LB Stephen Tulloch 90 to 91
CB Chris Houston 82 to 84




S Chris Harris moved to SS #2 on depth chart
S Chris Harris no wears #43
S Vincent Fuller removed from depth chart

It's surprising that they saw that many players increase in such significant ways after just beating the Broncos. Denver is not a great team and it's hard to imagine those kinds of increases being totally warranted - but perhaps EA felt that some guys were underrated regardless and couldn't justify increases after two losses. Cherilus and Avril are most definitely deserving of their's, and there most certainly isn't any atrocities going on here.