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Petition To Stop Nickelback From Playing Lions-Packers Halftime Show Nearing 30K Signatures

I wonder if Dennis Guttman, the creator of the petition to stop "rock" band Nickelback from playing the halftime show during the Detroit Lions' game against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day expected the kind of response he's gotten. Honestly, he probably shouldn't be surprised that so many people are adamantly opposed to Nickelback, but he might be a little overwhelmed by the publicity and exposure of his petition.


So naturally, we're here to give it more. After posting twice on the subject to valiantly oppose the unlawful assault on the eardrums that is Nickelback, we've got an update on the petition. When we got a hold of the petition from, it was looking for 2,500 signatures and was somewhere thereabouts of 2,000. Now, checking up on it again, the petition is looking for 35,000 signatures and is sitting at just over 29,000.


Over the last forty-five minutes or so, the petition has got another thousand signatures. Do your part - sign it now. Vote here.