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Jahvid Best Injury Update: Detroit Lions RB Feels Fine

According to the Detroit Free Press, Jahvid Best feels fine and expects to return this season. He just doesn't know when 'feeling fine' will translate into 'playing football':

"I have no idea," Best said before an autograph signing to open the Dick’s Sporting Goods store Saturday in Canton. "If this wasn’t our bye week I’d probably have a better idea, but right now everybody’s gone and everybody’s doing their own thing, so I have no idea."

"I’m doing fine, I feel fine," Best said. "It’s just a matter when we all get down and sit together how everything plays out. So it’s still kind of week to week."

One way for the Lions to get better during their vacation bye week would be for Jahvid Best to get healthy and be able to return next week in Chicago.  Unfortunately, it's not so simple when you're dealing with concussions. Do a quick Google search for "Sidney Crosby fine" and you'll see he's been 'fine' for months after a couple hits to the head last January ended his 2010-2011 NHL season. We could argue football players are tougher than hockey players (and that Crosby is just a big baby), but that would be ignorantly downplaying the seriousness of concussions. I'm still hopeful that Best returns this season, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get a bunch of "I feel fine" updates leading up to an equal amount of inactives on game days.