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Lions Reportedly Bringing Back RB Kevin Smith

After news broke that the Detroit Lions would reportedly sign offensive guard Leonard Davis following a workout that included many players, there's word that another one of the players who worked out will be signed, as well. According to Pro Football Talk, running back Kevin Smith is set to re-join the Detroit Lions after not being brought back following the expiration of his contract last season.

Kevin Smith was selected by the Lions in the third round of the 2008 draft and carried the ball well in his first two seasons, picking up 1,723 yards over the two-year span. When Jahvid Best arrived and after tearing his ACL, Smith carried the ball less and less and was eventually not given a new contract.

With Best still suffering from a concussion he got against the 49ers three weeks ago, the team needs someone other than Maurice Morris to carry the load. Smith was among many candidates to be signed, so the Lions probably liked what they saw in his workout as much as they felt good about his past in Detroit.