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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Moves Lions Up

The Detroit Lions are coming off of a bye week which itself came after a beatdown of the Denver Broncos. Following that win over Denver, the Lions really didn't move up power rankings all that much, but the bye week has them trending upward as they are evaluated further and other teams play poorly and fall.

ESPN moves them up one point in their Week 10 rankings:

7. Signing Leonard Davis as a backup guard was a good move, but too bad he isn't a big running back. (Clayton) 

It's good that they were moved up - the Lions belong somewhere around the top six or seven teams. But the explanation from Clayton, as usual, is an odd one. One has to wonder if he realizes that the team also signed Kevin Smith, a running back who came only a little short of rushing for 2000 yards of his first two years in the league for the very same Lions before being phased out by Jahvid Best.

Not to mention the fact that the explanation has really nothing to do with their spots on the rankings, but hey ... a rise up the charts is a rise up the charts.