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Petition To Stop Nickelback Halftime Show Nearing 50K Signatures, More Than Half The Ford Field Capacity

Since the news broke that "rock" band Nickelback would be playing the halftime show during the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, folks have been doing their best to get the band fired from the gig. As an often-criticized mainstay of radio rock, Nickelback is openly loved by few and almost universally made fun of. So naturally, a petition was started that initially was looking for something like 2,500 signatures. We've posted on it several times now and wanted to give an update on the petition originally started by Dennis Guttman.


The petition, since being started when the show was announced, is, at the time of writing, at 47,744 signatures. Their next goal is 50,000 signatures. For a little perspective, the capacity for Ford Field, where the Lions and Packers will be playing on Thanksgiving, is 65,000 - expandable up to 70,000. That means the petition to stop Nickelback from playing has exceeded over half the maximum capacity of Ford Field in signatures. Keep on keeping on, folks. The petition can be found here.