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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: FOX Sports Drops Lions One Spot

The Detroit Lions still find themselves doing odd things in the weekly power rankings. Despite the fact that they snapped a two-game losing skid with a dominating win over the Broncos a week ago and despite the fact that they're coming off a bye week, they have moved down in a couple of the bigger power rankings.

FOX Sports drops them a spot, for some reason:

11. QB Matt Stafford is coming off an impressive game against the Broncos, and will be well-rested after the bye week. If they can get RB Jahvid Best back into the lineup, they can easily get back into the rhythm of their 5-0 start. They will most likely be chasing a wild-card spot since catching the Packers may be impossible.

Now, it's likely that Brian Billick simply felt that other teams needed to rise, but 11 is lower on the power rankings than most have them at to begin with, so it's really odd to see them sitting there and dropping down one point following a bye week. Especially when it comes with complimenting Matt Stafford.