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Jason Hanson Injury: Lions Kicker Misses Wednesday's Practice

It looks like the Detroit Lions have another significant injury on their hands, as kicker Jason Hanson did not practice with the team on Wednesday. According to a report, the team worked out two kickers including Shayne Graham, which could mean Hanson is set to miss time on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.There was no comment on Hanson's availability, but The Oakland Press did make note of an unsubstantiated report that Hanson had stitches in his knee after an ATV incident during the bye week.

To make things worse, the Lions may be dealing with an injury to punter Ryan Donahue, who is going in for an MRI after trying to kick in place of Hanson before the other kickers were worked out:

Ryan Donahue going for an MRI because he hurt his quad kicking before practice today. Lions wanted to see if he could fill in for Hanson.    

Hanson is 17-for-18 on field goals through the first half of the season, and an upcoming game at Soldier Field with potential high winds make the injury much more serious.