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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 13: Lions See Two Players Drop In Rating

The Week 13 roster update for Madden NFL 12 is set to go live on Friday, and with it comes a list of changes for every team, including the Detroit Lions. There are 19 changes overall for the Lions, but only three of those are changes to overall rating. The rest of the changes are to roster structure and depth chart changes, as well as player equipment and number changes.

Regarding the three changes in rating, two of them are decreases, and one of them is an increase. One of the decreases can be classified as significant, though it's only by a single point. Quarterback Matthew Stafford drops from 87 to 86, which probably doesn't seem like much, but any time the quarterback drops, it's a big deal. Stafford has been throwing a lot of interceptions lately, and that's why he's going down. Make the jump for a full list of Lions changes.


DL Sammie Hill 74 to 76


CB Brandon McDonald 69 to 67
QB Matthew Stafford 87 to 86


DL Corey Williams moved to DT #1 on depth chart
DL Nick Fairley moved to DT #2 on depth chart
DL Sammie Hill moved to DT #3 on depth chart
S Chris Harris moved to FS #1 on depth chart
HB Kevin Smith moved to HB #2 on depth chart
HB Aaron Brown moved to HB #3 on depth chart
P Ben Graham moved to P #1 on depth chart
P Ben Graham needs a Rawlings Helmet
WR Stefan Logan Air Xp Helmet, Robot Facemask
HB Jahvid Best removed from depth chart (injury)
P Ryan Donahue removed from depth chart (injury)
S Louis Delmas removed from depth chart (injury)
DL Ndamukong Suh removed from depth chart (suspension)
QB Matthew Stafford removed gloves
HB Aaron Brown signs