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VIDEO: Titus Young's 57-Yard Touchdown From Matthew Stafford

Shortly after the Detroit Lions took a 7-0 lead on a strip-sack touchdown involving Cliff Avril and Stephen Tulloch, Matthew Stafford connected with Titus Young on third down for a 57-yard touchdown. The Lions got the ball after an Alphonso Smith interception on the third play of the Vikings' second drive of the game, and it only took Detroit three plays to score after the turnover. Video of the TD is after the jump.

Young had a rough game last week against the Saints after a costly personal foul penalty backed the Lions up when they were inside the five-yard line. Young was benched following the penalty, and he has received a lot of criticism this week, so the touchdown was a nice way to bounce back.

Of course, I'm sure the Lions coaches don't want Young to slow down and hold the ball out there like he did. Had the Vikings player got to him a half-second earlier, it could have been a turnover. Luckily, Young crossed the goal line before losing control of the ball.