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VIDEO: Lions Defense Delivers Game-Winning Sack

Facemask? What facemask?

With a win hanging in the balance on the final play of regulation from the one-yard line, the Detroit Lions defense was going down swinging, as they sent seven players in pursuit of Minnesota quarterback Joe Webb to make sure the nifty-footed QB had to beat them with his arm.

As you can see from the video after the jump, Webb had no time to improvise as the Lions were in his face in a hurry, leaving him no room to run. After DeAndre Levy got his hands on Webb, the ball squirted out and the Lions escaped with a much-needed win. Minnesota was left to complain about the missed facemask call, as Levy dodged a week of heavy criticism for making an undisciplined play.

Instead the play put a cap on a wild game at Ford Field which saw the Detroit defense create six Minnesota turnovers and score 14 points.