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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: CBS Sports Jumps Lions Up To No. 11

Just about everybody involved with the Detroit Lions is talking about the no-call on the facemask penalty at the end of the team's last game, against the Minnesota Vikings. It's worth bringing up when talking about where the Lions stand right now, especially when it comes to the weekly power rankings. Almost all of them have mentioned the no-call thus far, and that's likely why they're not moving up a lot.

CBS Sports does bump them up a couple spots though, despite mentioning the no-call, in their Week 15 NFL power rankings:

11. What happens if a face-mask penalty is called on the final play against the Vikings? It wasn't, and if the playoffs started today, they would be in the party.

That's two spots up from last week, and it's likely they moved up because Pete Prisco felt he had them too low for last week, or another team had to fall, because he seems unimpressed with such a close win over the Vikings, who have been eliminated from playoff contention this season.