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Stephen Tulloch Fined For Blocking Christian Ponder

Stephen Tulloch doesn't get his name in the news a lot for the Detroit Lions, but the linebacker found himself there on Friday thanks to the NFL. Tulloch was fined $10,000 for a hit on Christian Ponder, though the fine is expected to be appealed due to a bit of a gray area in the rules.

Tulloch was fined "for roughing the passer; he struck an opponent away from the play," but the Detroit Free Press points out that the play it involved was a bit more tricky than it seems at first glance.

But that's a gray area in the rules. Tulloch hit Ponder in the third quarter, after Ponder had thrown an interception to Eric Wright. As Wright raced back down the field, Ponder saw the play developing and appeared to start moving toward Wright when Tulloch hit him. Quarterbacks are fair game after a turnover if they move toward the play and act as a defender.

That last portion is key, of course, and will likely determine if Tulloch's paycheck is forced to get any lighter.