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Week 15 NFL Picks: Release The PATS

At 114-94, I'm ranked 113 of 1,000 in my pick 'em league. If my first pick of the week (Jags) is any indication, I will probably fall in the standings.

That's "picks against the spread," but it could also mean the New England kind. The white.

Let's not waste any time: 

Jags (+11.5) over FALCONS 

I'm embarrassed, but I swear that I thought the Falcons were going to win ... just not by double digits.

Cowboys (-5.5) over BUCS

Saved some face with this one ... Thanks, 1st half Tony Romo

BILLS (+1.5) over Dolphins

With The Man taking a day off with Tim Tebow, he'll be able to allow Stevie Johnson to catch some big passes.

Seahawks (+4.5) over BEARS

The Seahawks actually terrify me. If there is one team that I'm nervous about making the playoffs over the Lions, it's Peter Christmas Carroll's team winning forever.

Titans (-6.5) over COLTS

I ALMOST wanted to pick the Colts to WIN, but 0-16 a year after Peyton sounds way juicier. 

Packers (-13.5) over CHIEFS

Kyle Orton is starting for the Chiefs. It'll be just like when the Packers beat Orton when he was quarterbacking Denver earlier this season.

Bengals (-6.5) over RAMS

Kellen Clemens.

VIKINGS (+6.5) over Saints

Adrian Peterson is playing for his fantasy owners. Hopefully, he's playing for a win, too. 

GIANTS (-7.5) over Redskins

If I didn't know any better, the Giants won the NFC East last week. They didn't, and if they are going to, they need to become the brothority, bro.

Panthers (+6.5) over TEXANS

The AFC South champs hang over. 

Lions (+0.5) over RAIDERS

Ndamukong Suh is back, but he won't be the sleeping giant that is awoken this week. 

EAGLES (-2.5) over Jets

I talked about Rex Ryan's seat getting hot a couple weeks ago ... I meant this week.

CARDINALS (-6.5) over Browns

I'm also nervous of the Cardinals winning out and making Week 17 vs. Seahawks a playoff game (if the Lions don't win two). 

Patriots (-5.5) over BRONCOS

Tom Tebow.


Also, Jesus is inactive.

CHARGERS (+1.5) over Ravens

This is somewhat of a nightmare (along with the picture above). If the Chargers win, the Christmas Eve game against the Lions is going to bring back memories of 2000. 

Steelers (+2.5) over 49ERS

This is assuming Big Ben plays. 

Last week: 11-5

Season ATS: 114-94

Standings vs. commenter(s), my brother (W-L ... GB):

ME: 114-94 ...  --
D.P.: 111-97 ... 3 GB  (9-7 last week)