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VIDEO: Lions Block Last-Second Field Goal To Beat Raiders

After scoring the go-ahead touchdown with 39 seconds left, the Detroit Lions just needed to keep the Oakland Raiders from kicking a field goal and they would win the game. Since the Raiders have Sebastian Janikowski, who has insane range, there was no guarantee the Lions would win the game. Janikowski has made kicks from 63 yards out before, and with a few seconds left in the game, Oakland trotted him out to attempt an NFL record 65-yarder.

The Lions didn't want to even give Janikowski a chance to make it, and Ndamukong Suh made sure the kick was no good by getting a hand on it. The ball hit the ground well short of the goal posts, and after having a relatively quiet game in his return from a suspension, Suh turned out to make one of the biggest plays of the game, as he preserved Detroit's 28-27 victory. Video of the blocked kick is after the jump.

With the win, the Lions are 9-5 and can clinch a playoff spot next week. Let that sink in for a second. The Detroit Lions, three years after going 0-16, are one win away from reaching the playoffs.

Ford Field should be rocking on Christmas Eve next week against San Diego.