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Jahvid Best Injury: Lions Running Back Cleared For Physical Activity

Jahvid Best was officially placed on the injured reserve earlier in the week, ruling him out for the rest of the season, but the Detroit Lions running back has now been medically cleared to return to physical activity. The speedster suffered two concussions within the first two months of the season, forcing his season to end earlier than anticipated.

The Lions didn't cut any corners in finding out when he'd be cleared, either, as Best visited specialists all around the country before Friday's news.

Best has racked up the frequent flyer miles over the past six weeks visiting five different concussion specialists from all over the country.

"It was just traveling and just trying to get all the answers we could and put them all down and formulate a plan from that," he said. "It was kind of hectic but the good thing we got from it was that everyone kind of had the same answer. If it was just 50/50 it would have been really crazy."

Best will take it easy for the next few weeks to make sure symptoms don't return before he goes back to his usual routine.