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Detroit Lions Reach 13th-Straight Sellout For Game Against Chargers

Going for their 10th win of the season and hoping to solidify a trip to the NFL playoffs, the Detroit Lions are in a much better place heading into Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers than most thought they'd be. Another sign of their recent success is the fact that the team has once again reached a sellout:

Lions reach sellout but there are return tickets from San Diego and club seats still available for purchase. That's 13 in a row for Lions

The 13 in a row is referring, of course, to the number of sellouts. They've sold out every home game at Ford Field this season, and managed to sell out seven of eight last season, despite the team not having necessarily the same amount of hope of being good as this year. That being said, the Lions have had some great young play-makers, and they're a big part of the reason for the sellouts. In a city that's struggling as much as the team has in the recent past, it's definitely a good sign to see a sellout this early.