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Stephen Tulloch, Cliff Avirl Fined $15K For Horse-Collar Tackles Against Raiders

The fines keep on coming for the Detroit Lions. For the second-straight week, linebacker Stephen Tulloch is being handed down a fine, this one for $15,000. Tulloch was fined for a horse collar tackle, a week after being handed down a $10,000 fine for hitting the quarterback. Cliff Avril also was handed down a $15,000 fine for a horse-caller tackle as well. Avril was visibly angry during the game, suggesting that Carson Palmer was still in the pocket, but the official disagreed, and the fine shows that the league confirms it, as well.


Two other players from that game received fines, but they were on the other side, as Jerome Boyd and Aaron Curry were handed $20,000 and $7,500 fines, respectively. These are the two most-penalized teams in the league in regards to personal foul penalties, so it's not really a surprise to see more fines handed down. Both of the Lions' personal foul penalties led to the Raiders scoring a touchdown.