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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Raises Lions Two Spots

Though many considered it a possibility that the Detroit Lions win one of its last two games, against the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers, most sort of avoided the question of which team and how. Detroit came out and showed exactly how with a high-flying offense that wouldn't be denied the playoffs. Now, they're rising up the weekly power rankings quicker than ever.

ESPN has them at No. 7 in their Week 17 NFL power rankings:

7. Their big-play offense could be a problem for whomever they face in the playoffs. (Clayton)

That's up two spots from where they were last week, and considering the thorough domination of the Chargers, it seems apt. The problem for Detroit is that some of the teams higher up than them are the teams that, you know, have already beat them this season. On top of that, they're teams that Detroit is likely to play again. It only gets tougher from here for the Lions.