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Lions Vs. Saints Score Update: Lions Trail 3-0 After One Quarter

In what was expected to be an offensive shootout, the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints are instead locked in a defensive struggle at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints have an early 3-0 lead after one quarter in New Orleans.

The Lions have only earned two first downs so far, but the Saints were able to string together a 13 play, 41 yard drive for a John Casey field goal. Drew Brees has already thrown for 44 yards for the Saints, and is 6 of 11 passing.

The Lions have not had much success against a surprisingly strong Saints defense so far. Matthew Stafford has completed three of four passes, but only for 17 yards. The Lions also only have 20 yards rushing.

As the second quarter begins, the Saints were facing a third and four deep in its own territory thanks to a Ben Graham punt that penned them inside their own five yard line.