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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings: Fox Sports Leaves Lions At No. 11

The Detroit Lions find themselves generally just outside the top ten on most of the weekly power rankings, but after their second straight loss, they're falling slowly,, further away from it. They're not in free-fall down the list at this point, and that's because their loss was to the New Orleans Saints, widely considered to be one of the top four teams in the NFC. Still, the Lions need to be able to beat a team like the Saints, after effectively losing two potential playoff matchups in a row, counting the Green Bay Packers defeat on Thanksgiving.

Fox Sports doesn't drop the Lions or raise them in Brian Billick's Week 14 NFL power rankings:

11. QB Matt Stafford finally looked like he could grip the ball again after losing the glove against the Saints, but they still have way too many question marks in the run game and on defense. Luckily for them, the Bears are dealing with multiple injury issues at the wrong time, and the Lions may slip into the playoffs because of that alone.

They are definitely still battling for a wild card at this point, and it's likely that Billick didn't drop the Lions because he expects better things out of Matthew Stafford going forward. If he continues to throw interceptions though, you can expect to see Detroit falling down the rankings.