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Roger Goodell To Host Q&A Session For Lions Season Ticket Holders On Sunday

Before Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be at Ford Field to host a special question-and-answer session. He'll meet with a group of season ticket holders to discuss a various number of things, and it's a meeting that he's had several times at every stadium in the league. Of particular note for Lions fans is the fact that they keep having players who get penalized and suspended. That might be a hot topic on Sunday.


Fans may be inclined to ask why defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was suspended for two games. There might be questions about the appeal process, and more than that, there will probably be questions about the meeting that Suh had with Goodell in New York during the Lions' bye week to get clarification on rules and how they were interpreted - in other words, why Suh kept getting penalized. 


During the lockout, Goodell had conference calls with various teams' season ticket holders, so this kind of session isn't a rarity for him.