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Titus Young, Brandon Pettigrew And Stefan Logan Facing Possible Disciplinary Action

As the Lions prepare to face the Minnesota Vikings in an important NFC North game, Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz is considering possible disciplinary action against three of his players. Titus Young, Brandon Pettigrew and Stefan Logan are the facing the possible punishments action for their on-field actions that have cost the Lions multiple penalties and contributed to their loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday:

"We're here to win football games and to do nothing else and we're going to do whatever we can to win football games," Schwartz said. "Guys that hurt the team, OK, aren't going to be available to be able to do things like that. We're going to do everything we can to win the football game."

Young is the only player that has faced discipline so far, in that he was benched against New Orleans for a costly personal foul in the third quarter in the red zone.