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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 14: Matthew Stafford, Others Increase For Lions

The Week 12 roster and ratings update for Madden NFL 12 is set to go live on Friday, and with it comes a large list of changes for the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately, coming off their second straight loss on Sunday, the most recent to the New Orleans Saints, there are several players going down in rating. There's 17 changes overall, and 14 of those are to overall rating. Nine of those changes are decreases in player rating, which means there are five on the positive side.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford is one of the players on the positive side, and any time your franchise quarterback gets a boost, it's a helpful change on the game. Kicker Jason Hanson loses his rank in the 90s though, dropping from 90 to 89, which is always significant, while defensive lineman Cliff Avril sees a slight decrease as well. Make the jump for a full list of changes for the Lions.


QB Matthew Stafford 86 to 87
OL Stephen Peterman 80 to 81
OL Jeff Backus 80 to 81
DL Nick Fairley 78 to 79
CB Aaron Berry 63 to 64


OL Dominic Raiola 81 to 80
DL Willie Young 73 to 72
DL Kyle Vanden Bosch 83 to 82
DL Corey Williams 85 to 84
DL Cliff Avril 87 to 86
LB DeAnre Levy 83 to 82
CB Eric Wright 78 to 76
S Chris Harris 70 to 77
K Jason Hanson 90 to 89


S Ricardo Silva added to the game
DL Keyunta Dawson signs
DL Keyunta Dawson now wears #62