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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Predicted To Pick Cameron Jordan, Bruce Carter

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SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL mock draft is out and includes two rounds of predictions. For the Detroit Lions, SB Nation predicts them to select California defensive end Cameron Jordan with the 13th overall pick and North Carolina outside linebacker Bruce Carter with the 44th overall pick.

This isn't the first time SB Nation's mock draft has had Jordan going to the Lions in the first round. He was their pick last month, and once again he is slated to go to the Lions. The reasoning this time around is that without a top-tier cornerback or linebacker available, Jordan becomes the Lions' best option and would add to an already impressive defensive line.

The Lions' second-round pick, Bruce Carter, would fill a big need at outside linebacker. He did have ACL surgery last December, but that could actually end up helping the Lions. Carter could fall to the second round because of the injury and the concerns that go along with it, allowing the Lions to take him and fill a big need.