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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Projected To Select Akeem Ayers

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The Detroit Lions have selected Cameron Jordon, a defensive end from California, in several previous editions of SB Nation’s NFL Mock Draft. But in this NFL Mock Draft, things are different. Football writer Brian Galliford has Detroit picking linebacker Akeem Ayers, from UCLA, 13th overall instead of Jordan.

Though Galliford concedes the Lions could get “better value” than Ayers with the 13th pick, he nonetheless endorses the selection. “Ayers would fill one of the team’s bigger needs,” Galliford says, “while offering versatility and very few on-field weaknesses.” He concludes by saying Galliford would join the starting unit immediately.

What changed for Jordan? He slips to 16th, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, in this edition, where he’d re-team with former Cal teammate Tyson Alualu.

The real NFL Draft will run from April 28-30 at Radio City Music Hall.