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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Brandon Harris To Lions In Post-Super Bowl XLV Edition

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SB Nation's first 2011 NFL mock draft after the Super Bowl is out. Unlike the recent SB Nation mock drafts, which had the Detroit Lions selecting a defensive end or linebacker, this week's edition has them picking cornerback Brandon Harris. Harris is from the University of Miami (FL) and is considered by most to be the third-best cornerback on the board. I've seen mock drafts with Harris as high as the top ten and as low as the end of the first round, so there's no telling where exactly he will end up. Whatever the case, most do believe that he will be there when the Lions go on the clock with the 13th pick.

If the Lions do decide that drafting a cornerback is the best course of action, Harris likely will be the best one available. LSU's Patrick Peterson is expected to be one of the top picks of the draft, which is reflected by him going No. 2 to the Denver Broncos in SB Nation's newest mock draft. After him, Nebraska's Prince Amukamara is expected to be selected in the top ten, and the SB Nation mock has the 49ers picking him with the seventh overall selection.

To me, the best-case scenario for the Lions in the 2011 NFL Draft would be if Amukamara somehow falls out of the top ten to the Lions. It's not likely, but if he were still there it would feel like the Lions are picking the best player available. Selecting Harris doesn't necessarily abide by the BPA philosophy, so I don't know if the Lions would actually opt to fill the need in the secondary or go for someone higher ranked at a position of lesser need.