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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Has Detroit Lions Picking Prince Amukamara

Todd McShay's latest 2011 NFL mock draft came out last week, and in it he has the Detroit Lions picking Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara. As McShay says in his explanation for the pick, this would be a "dream scenario" for the Lions. Amukamara has the talent of a top-10 pick and cornerback is one of the Lions' biggest needs. If he is still around when the Lions go on the clock with the 13th overall pick, chances are they will opt for a Cornhusker for the second consecutive year.

Most mock drafts out there have Amukamara being off the board when the Lions go on the clock. Part of the reason why McShay doesn't see that happening is because he doesn't have LSU's Patrick Peterson being selected until the seventh overall pick (owned by the 49ers). Many mock drafts have Peterson being a top five or even top two pick, causing Amukamara's stock to go up. If Peterson isn't selected until the seventh overall pick, however, a team like San Francisco wouldn't have to take Amukamara, allowing the Lions to swoop in and draft him.

McShay's third mock draft (the one discussed above is his fourth edition) had the Lions taking Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder.