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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mocking The Draft Weighs In On Detroit Lions' Picks

Last week, Mocking The Draft, SB Nation's NFL Draft blog, released a two-round mock draft. In it, the Detroit Lions are predicted to select USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith in the first round and North Carolina linebacker Bruce Carter in the second round.

The explanation for the Lions' first-round pick is that based on the cornerbacks and linebackers available, none are worth the 13th overall pick. As a result, the next best option for the Lions is to select an offensive tackle. While Jeff Backus is expected to be the starter next year at left tackle no matter what, this would allow Smith to take time to develop before having to step in as a starter.

No explanation is provided for the second round, but the Carter pick is definitely possible. He recently visited the Lions, and many expect a team like Detroit to take a chance on him in the second round if he's available. Carter is coming off of a torn ACL, but if not for the injury many believe he would be a first-round pick. If the Lions could get him in the second round, it could be a steal down the road once Carter recovers from the injury.