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Matthew Stafford Begins Throwing

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has begun throwing almost exactly two months after having shoulder surgery.

Stafford had surgery on his right AC joint on Jan. 21. The Detroit Free Press reported that Stafford had begun throwing via the quarterback’s Twitter account:

On his Twitter account, Stafford posted this late Wednesday: “Just got done throwin shoulder is feeling good…staying in Athens with the boys for a few more unexpected days.”

And of course in the spirit of all the love of the NFL lockout, Stafford later posted this tweet confirming further workouts:

He tweeted again later this morning: “Heading to rehab, lift, and run…never know when the owners will let us back in to start playing.”

This is great news for Lions fans, assuming that there is a season next year. Detroit was one of the hottest teams in the NFL at the end of last season despite having to play with second and third-string quarterbacks. While Drew Stanton and Shaun Hill played admirably in his absence, Stafford is the best talent at the position on the team by a longshot.