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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Predicted To Pick Anthony Castonzo

If Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara is off the board when the Detroit Lions go on the clock in the first round next month, the consensus seems to be for them to pick an offensive tackle. Right now three OTs are seemingly in contention to be the Lions' pick: Colorado's Nate Solder, USC's Tyron Smith and Boston College's Anthony Castonzo. In SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL mock draft, the Lions are predicted to pick Castonzo out of that group.

Here is the reasoning for the Castonzo pick:

Though the tackle position doesn't have an elite talent, there are players that can come in and start right away. One of those is Castonzo, a smooth athlete and smart kid that would eventually replace Jeff Backus in Detroit.

This pretty much sums up the tackle position. Three guys are in contention to be the pick because not one of them is head and shoulders better than the rest. They are pretty even, which is why this pick seemingly has a different OT every week.