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List Of NFL Draft Busts Includes Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers

National Football Post put together a list of the top 20 NFL Draft busts since 1998. Unfortunately for the Detroit Lions, the list includes two of their former draft picks. (Matt Millen was Detroit's general manager during most of this time period, so that should come as no surprise.)


Quarterback Joey Harrington, who was selected third overall by the Lions in 2002, is 10th on the list. While he had a rough career, the articles sums up his situation pretty well: "The day commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced Harrington’s name as the Lions’ first selection in 2002 was the day his career ended." Winning as a quarterback on a team put together by Millen was nearly impossible no matter who it was.


The other former Lions player on the list is wide receiver Charles Rogers, who was the Lions' second overall pick in 2003. Rogers flamed out of the league after a string of injuries (and issues with drugs) and still owes the Lions millions of dollars that he has yet to pay back. It's unlikely they will ever see a dime of it, which just adds to why this was such an awful pick. Another thing that makes it so bad: Andre Johnson was selected right after Rogers.


One other notable player on the list is former Michigan wide receiver David Terrell. He was drafted eighth overall by the Chicago Bears in 2001 but had a very disappointing career.