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Lions Release Julian Peterson; Zack Follett Confirms He's Back

The Detroit Lions parted ways with linebacker Julian Peterson today, releasing him after two years with the team. General manager Martin Mayhew said earlier in the offseason that Peterson would be released, but the Lions put it off until now so he could get "as healthy as possible" before becoming a free agent.

In other Lions linebacker news, Zack Follett has confirmed he re-signed with the Lions. He was offered a tendered contract after doctors cleared him to play, although there are still more obstacles to clear before he can get back on the field.

"I haven't hit anybody yet, so we'll see," he said. "The biggest next step for me will be camp when we put the helmets on and get on the field. " Before I actually go back into camp to make it a full go we'll do another series of tests to make sure there is more space between the disc and my spinal cord and make sure I won't be doing any permanent damage. It is a little scary because the one thing the doctors did tell me is that by playing more, my situation can only get worse and that's the risk factor that's involved here."

There's no certainty that he will be able to play just yet, but at the very least it's good that he has been re-signed. Follett himself said that he didn't think the Lions would offer him a contract if they didn't think his neck was going to hold up, so they must have faith he will stay healthy.