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2011 NFL Mock Draft: What The Experts Are Saying About The Detroit Lions

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Unlike past years where there has been a general consensus about who the Detroit Lions should draft, this year there is a large variety of opinions. Depending on the 2011 NFL mock draft you look at, you will find people saying the Lions should select a cornerback or an offensive tackle or a defensive end or even a wide receiver. A lot of names are being thrown around with regards to the 13th overall pick, and below is a small sample of all the differing opinions about who the Lions will take.'s John Crist: WR Julio Jones (Alabama)'s Don Banks: OT Anthony Castonzo (Boston College)

USA Today's six-writer mock draft: One vote for OT Nate Solder (Colorado), one vote for CB Jimmy Smith (Colorado), one vote for OT Anthony Castonzo (Boston College) and three votes for OT Tyron Smith (USC)

New Era Scouting: OT Tyron Smith (USC)'s Nolan Nawrocki: DE Aldon Smith (Missouri)

NFL Network's Brian Baldinger: DE Cameron Jordan (California)

National Football Post: CB Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)

As you can see, the Lions have many different directions they could go in. Obviously a lot will depend on what happens during the first 12 picks of the draft, but no matter what the Lions' pick will not be easy to predict.