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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Trade Down, Pick Da'Quan Bowers

SB Nation's final 2011 NFL Mock draft is out. The last one before the actual 2011 NFL Draft takes place has the Detroit Lions trading down and selecting Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers.

The trade has the Lions moving down four spots to the 17th overall pick. The New England Patriots are their trade partner, and they are moving up in this mock to get Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones. By moving down, the Lions would pick up the 74th overall pick, which is in the third round.

If the Lions could actually pull this off in real life, it would be an outstanding move. Not only would the Lions pick up a talented pass rusher in Bowers, but getting an extra third-round pick in the process would be very nice, especially since the Lions only have six total picks going into this year's NFL Draft.

Out of all the mock drafts I've seen, this is one that I really hope comes true on Thursday.

SB Nation will get you ready for the 2011 NFL Draft in the days leading up to it with NFL mock drafts, draft projections, scouting reports, the full NFL Draft schedule and more. SB Nation will also have full coverage during the event at its NFL Draft hub and NFL Draft blog, Mocking The Draft. For more on the Detroit Lions, make sure to check out Pride Of Detroit and SB Nation Detroit's NFL Draft StoryStream.