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2011 NFL Draft Order: Which Picks Do The Detroit Lions Have?

The 2011 NFL Draft order currently includes the Detroit Lions six times. This is because they have six picks in the 2011 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday night at 8 p.m.

Detroit will go into the first round with only one pick. Each of the last two years, however, they ended up having two selections in the opening round. They went into the 2009 NFL Draft already having two first-round picks, and last year they traded back into the first round to take Jahvid Best. Perhaps they could make some trades and wind up with an extra first-round pick yet again this year.

In the other six rounds, the Lions own five picks. Three of them are their original picks -- the ones in the second, third and fourth rounds. Their fifth-round pick originally belonged to Kansas City, as the Lions had to swap fifth-round selections with the Chiefs as part of their punishment for tampering. The Lions do not own a sixth-round pick, and their seventh-rounder came from the Denver Broncos as part of a trade that sent Alphonso Smith to Detroit last September.

Here is a full rundown of the Lions' 2011 NFL Draft picks:

  • Round 1, pick No. 13, overall pick No. 13
  • Round 2, pick No. 12, overall pick No. 44
  • Round 3, pick No. 11, overall pick No. 75
  • Round 4, pick No. 10, overall pick No. 107
  • Round 5, pick No. 23, overall pick No. 154 (originally had pick No. 9 in the fifth round -- the 140th overall pick -- but that now belongs to Kansas City as part of the swap of fifth-round selections)
  • Round 7, pick No. 2, overall pick No. 205 (acquired from Denver as part of Alphonso Smith deal)

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