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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Select Da'Quan Bowers

In SB Nation's football writers 2011 NFL mock draft, I served as the general manager of the Detroit Lions. My pick for the first round (13th overall) was made last week and I selected Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers.

My original hope was for Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara to fall to the 13th pick. He was off the board when I went on the clock, though, so I planned to look at USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith. Problem is he was also off the board, leaving me wondering who I should take. Then I realized that Bowers was surprisingly still available and I just couldn't pass up a player considered by many to be a top five talent.

Although the Lions aren't exactly hurting for depth at defensive end, my take is that Bowers was the best player available and it never hurts to add another pass rusher. The Lions are in great shape at DE and could use help at other positions, but no players available at CB or OT or LB are worth the 13th pick. That is why I decided to just go with Bowers, who was the best player available.