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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Select Cameron Jordan In POD Mock

The 2011 Pride of Detroit NFL Mock Draft began last week. Each team is represented by a reader of the site, and they serve as general managers, making picks for the first two rounds. The Detroit Lions' selection for the first round was made earlier today, and the pick was California defensive end Cameron Jordan.

The reasoning behind the pick is quite simple. No cornerbacks or linebackers worth the 13th overall pick were available. At the same time, nobody at other positions of slight need (i.e. offensive tackle) stood out as being one of the best players available. As a result, the decision was made to add depth to the defensive end position with the hope of making the Lions' defensive line one of the best in the league. It is already pretty good, but adding a first-round pick into the mix could upgrade it even more.

You can check out more picks from the POD Community Mock Draft on the site and take a look at the draft tracker for a rundown of all the selections.