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Ndamukong Suh (And Calvin Johnson) Amongst NFL's Top 100 Players

We talk about Ndamukong Suh so much it doesn't even feel like he just completed his rookie season. Seriously, we talk about how good he is and it really feels -- at least to me -- like he's already in the middle of a sure Hall of Fame career.

Soon Suh will be named amongst NFL Network's Top 100 players and the Detroit Free Press says Suh's name is coming up Suhhhhh-n, as this Sunday's episode is set to air players 51-60: 

Spoiler alert for Sunday's edition of "The Top 100 Players of 2011" on the NFL Network: Ndamukong Suh's name is coming up as the weekly countdown continues for 51 through 60.

Suh is one of two Lions -- Calvin Johnson, you think? -- and five defensive tackles among the 100 picked by fellow players, the NFL Network says.

It's hard to believe that a ranking in the 51-60 range might be disappointing for a Lions DT entering only his second season in the league, but that's the kind of repute Suh has already built himself. And, really, it would be a disappointing (and unfair) ranking.'s Brian Baldinger suggests Suh should be very high on the list [H/T Pride of Detroit]: 

Most people will look at Suh’s 10.0 sacks, which is great, because that’s a difficult number to achieve. But Suh is so much more — and so much better — than just sacks. He plays the run and plays with violence. He chases plays down from behind. His recognition of plays is unbelievable considering most defensive linemen take a year to figure out the NFL game.

For Suh to have that recognition, and physically be able to play his position, makes him one of a kind. He really has no weaknesses in his game.