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2012 Todd McShay Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Go Defense

With the 2011 NFL Draft just coming to an end last Saturday, it's probably way too early to start thinking about next year's draft. Even so, it's fun to see what the so-called experts are saying about not only where the Lions will finish in 2012, but also what pick they will make.


ESPN's Todd McShay released his 2012 NFL mock draft on Wednesday. He has the Lions picking 16th overall in the first round, and his prediction is for them to take South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore. McShay prefaces his prediction with a disclaimer that the Lions could potentially fill this need in free agency this year, but if they don't then it could still be a need come 2012.


Gilmore is the pick here because he is a "smooth, fluid athlete with good size and a chance to become one of the elite cover corners in the nation next season with better technique and recognition skills." That sounds good to me. Depending on if the Lions are able to keep Chris Houston in the future and whether or not they add anybody else in free agency will ultimately determine how big of a need corner is going forward, but chances are it'll still be up there when the 2012 NFL Draft comes around.